High Grades For Ken Holland

from David Staples of the Edmonton Journal, In a Cult of Hockey poll, fans weighed in and handed Holland high marks with 86.5 per cent of them giving him a grade of A or B: On Oilers Now, former NHL GM Brian Lawton said Holland did well. “For me, when I look at how teams have done, and I’ve been going through and seeing who had made some really nice adjustments in the offseason that will help them win more, I always compare it to what their ability was to spend money as well. The Oilers didn’t have a lot of money to spend. What they were able to accomplish, I would actually rank in the top third in terms of the position they were starting from.” Article content continued And former NHL GM Brian Burke, also on Oilers Now talking to Bob Stauffer: “I think Kenny is a Hall-of-Fame for a reason. I know people are upset about the goaltending but keep in mind the goaltending was above average during the regular season. It just kind of fell apart in

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