Morning Line- Andy Sutton

“We feel like the system is broken, we don’t mark up through wholesale like the other brands do. We’re not trying to sell 11 different types of skates that look identical just to flood the market. We have one amazing skate, one amazing stick, one amazing glove, and on, down the line. “People need to understand that when they go and buy a $1,200 skate, what they’re paying for is CEO bonuses, they’re paying for all the NHL players being paid to be ambassadors and to wear the product, they’re paying for all the high-level marketing, they’re paying for all the employees they have to support. Really, the customer shouldn’t have to pay for that.” -Andy Sutton, former NHL player.  Derek Van Diest of the Edmonton Sun has more on Sutton's line of hockey equipment.

Source : Kuklas Korner

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