SIMMONS: The 50 most influential Toronto sporting figures of last 50 years

Former Blue Jays President Paul Beeston is certainly among the top 50 Toronto sports figures.

Fifty years and 50 people. That was the assignment.

How do you come up with the 50 most influential Toronto sports people of the last 50 years? From 1970 to today. The list could probably be 200 names long, maybe more.

And how exactly is “influential” defined? That’s personal, isn’t it? Mostly, you take educated guesses here, find the obvious names or, in some cases, pairings. You also try to find some that are not so obvious.

How do you define influence in sports? By winning, by success, by leaving a mark, by having a presence.

Where were you in ’72? Or when Joe Carter hit the home run? Or when he caught the ball at first base to w

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