NHL: Dagens NHL overblik

Hermed dagens NHL overblik Seattle Kraken – Columbus Blue Jackets 3-1 (1-0 1-1 1-0) Edmonton Oilers – Chicago Blackhawks 7-3 (1-0 4-1 2-2) Anaheim Ducks – Arizona Coyotes 2-1 (0-1 1-0 0-0)OT Toronto Maple Leafs – Washington Capitals 5-1 (0-1 4-0 1-0) C…

NHL: Niederlagen für Arizona, Chicago und Columbus

Die Columbus Blue Jackets unterlagen den Seattle Kraken auswärts mit 1:3.
Die Chicago Blackhawks verloren mit 3:7 auswärts gegen die Edmonton Oilers.
Die Arizona Coyotes unterlagen den Anaheim Ducks auswärts mit 1:2 n.V.

Beyond the Boxscore: Calgary Flames have impressive bounce back performance in crucial win over Kraken

The Calgary Flames came out swinging against the Seattle Kraken and promptly sat them down and taught them what hockey was for the first half of this game. It was entirely in Calgary’s control so much it felt unfair – Calgary even got a two-goal lead a…