CRACKS OF DON: For his unmatched zeal, Spezza has become more popular than ever

Jason Spezza inked a one-year deal to stay with the Maple Leafs on Wednesday.

Money is clearly no object to Jason Spezza, who was the Toronto Maple Leafs second best player in the playoffs and, as of now, will be their second lowest paid player next season.

It’s not just because that with the one-year, $750,000 extension he eagerly signed on Wednesday, his career earnings moved very close to the $93-million mark.

No, at this stage of his career, the just-turned 38-year old would probably pay to play for his hometown team.

That was evident by the unmatched zeal with which he performed in the seven-game Round 1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens.

Spezza had three goals, fewer only than William Nylander’s five and more than the first line of Auston Matthews, Mi

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